Low level flight conditions over Iceland

                 Low level flight conditions over Iceland


OUTLOOK 1700 - 2300 GMT.

Winds/temperature at significant levels:
FL050: 050/10-20KT in the N-part, but 140/10-25KT in the S, -10
FL100: 250/10-20KT, but VRB05 over Westfjords, -16
FL180: 270/25-50KT, strongest in the SE, -27

Overview of weather systems:
Over N- Scandinavia is an extensive 988 mb low, moving NE and filling, but over Greenland is a 1040 mb high.
1200 km S of Cape Farewell is a 978 mb low moving NE.

Near surface winds:
NE-erly winds 10-20KT, but up to 30KT over Westfjords and in the far S.

Cloud heights/visibility/weather:
BKN/OVC at 1500-3000 in most areas with showers of rain or sleet, but showers of snow in the N. Limited or poor visibility at times. Tops above 15.000FT

Visual flight conditions in Iceland:
Generally poor/impassable.

Freezing level:
Widely at the SFC up to 2000FT in the far S.

Atmospheric or cloud icing:
LGT/MOD in precipitation.

LGT ISOL MOD in the S and W.

Other information:

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