Tilkynning um breytingu á litakóða eldfjalls


Tími: 02. maí 2021, 12:50

Litakóði:  Appelsínugulur 

Númer eldfjalls: 371030

The eruption in Fagradalsfjall continues in one main vent. The active vent is the fifth opening that opened in the area. Since the 27th of April the activity has been characterized by lava fountains and since midnight 2. of May the activity has been showing pulsating behavior. These pulses have intermittent active periods of 8-12 minutes with 1-2 minutes of rest period between. The active pulses start with a strong fountain activity with fountains reaching 100-150 m above the ground. These pulses are very apparent in the seismic tremor from stations in a wide area around the eruption site.

Hæð gosmökkvar:
The base of the volcanic cloud is discernible from the webcameras and it is assessed to be between 800-900 m asl.

Aðrar upplýsingar um gosmökk:
The plume is gas rich and minor ash is observed.

Nánar um vá:
Some gas pollution is expected in the south and south-west of the Reykjanes peninsula today.

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