Tilkynning um breytingu á litakóða eldfjalls


Tími: 23. mar. 2021, 18:00

Litakóði:  Appelsínugulur 

Númer eldfjalls: 371030

The condition at the eruption site has not been changing significantly over the last couple of days. The most recent estimates of extrusion rate are confirmed to be about 5 m3/sec. The last DOAS traverse, performed yesterday evening, gave an SO2 flux estimate of about 17-18 kg/s. The gas plume height was observed today during a reconnaissance flight and indicated a plume up to 1.3 km asl at around 9 - 10 am UTC. In the Reykjavík capital area ground level of SO2 have been increasing during the night and in the first hours of the day, without exceeding safe levels for human health. There is no production of ash and tephra. The seismic activity is still ongoing and spread around the Fagradalsfjall area. Because of the lack of ash and tephra emission in the atmosphere, the aviation color code for Fagradalsfjall-Krýsuvík is maintained ORANGE as there are no imminent hazard for the aviation.

Hæð gosmökkvar:
Few hundreds of meters up to 1.3 km asl of volcanic gas plume. No ash production.

Aðrar upplýsingar um gosmökk:
Few hundreds of meters up to 1.3 km of volcanic gas plume. The wind causes the plume to be bent significantly downwind. No ash production.

Nánar um vá:
Volcanic SO2 is expected to be drifted to the North East of the country in the coming hours and to the East for part of the day tomorrow. Lava flows are currently a very local hazard.

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