Tilkynning um breytingu á litakóða eldfjalls


Tími: 25. mar. 2021, 16:52

Litakóði:  Appelsínugulur 

Númer eldfjalls: 371030

The eruption in Fagradalsfjall continues at similar rate as before. From the latest Pléiades image acquisition (LMI) the extrusion rate has been assessed to be about 5.8 m3/sec. The last DOAS traverse, performed on the 24.03, gave an SO2 flux estimate up to 18 kg/s. The gas plume height as assessed from calibrated images this morning gave a plume up to 1.0 km asl. There is no production of ash and tephra. A minor seismic activity is still ongoing and localized around the Fagradalsfjall area. Because of the lack of ash and tephra emission in the atmosphere, the aviation color code for Fagradalsfjall-Krýsuvík is maintained ORANGE as there are no imminent hazard for the aviation.

Hæð gosmökkvar:
Few hundreds of meters up to 1.0 km asl of volcanic gas plume. No ash production.

Aðrar upplýsingar um gosmökk:
Few hundreds of meters up to 1.0 km of volcanic gas plume. No ash production.

Nánar um vá:
Volcanic SO2 is expected to be drifted predominantly to the South in the coming hours and for the all day tomorrow. Lava flows are currently a very localized hazard.

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