Tilkynning um breytingu á litakóða eldfjalls


Tími: 04. maí 2020, 09:12

Litakóði:  Grænn 

Númer eldfjalls: 371020

On the 26th of March a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting was held to discuss the ongoing unrest in the Reykjanes peninsula. Scientists from IMO, University of Iceland, ISOR and representatives from Civil Protection, ISAVIA and HS-Orka, reviewed the latest monitoring data for this area. It results that more than 6000 earthquakes have been recorded since the beginning of the volcanic unrest in the peninsula, revealing that this is the largest seismic crisis ever recorded in this part of the country since the digital monitoring started in 1991. The seismicity is overall episodic across the three main volcanic systems present in the area (i.e. Eldey, Reykjanes-Svartsengi and Krýsuvík). The deformation, as confirmed by GPS and InSAR images, is still ongoing in the area around Þorbjörn and the total vertical displacement, since January 2020, is now of about 70-80 mm. However, the deformation rate over the last few weeks is occurring at a lower rate than in January-February. Deformation modelling results suggest that a second intrusion is occurring at a depth of about 3-4 km in an area west of Þorbjörn very close to the one occurred in January-February. Recent GPS (continuous and campaign measurements) reveal a small deformation pattern detectable over a wider region which extends well beyond the Þorbjörn area. There is still uncertainty in interpreting these data and more work is needed in understanding the underlying processes occurring along the entire Reykjanes peninsula and Reykjanes ridge. The Uncertainty level issued by the Civil Protection on the 26th of January is still in force as well as the yellow aviation color code for the Reykjanes-Svartsengi volcanic system. The next SAB meeting will be on the 8th of April, if no changes will occur.

Hæð gosmökkvar:
No eruption ongoing.

Aðrar upplýsingar um gosmökk:
No eruption ongoing.

Nánar um vá:
Additional and background information about the three volcanic systems mentioned in this VONA are available on the Catalogue of Icelandic volcanoes at the following links: Reykjanes-Svartsengi: http://icelandicvolcanoes.is/?volcano=REY Krýsuvík: http://icelandicvolcanoes.is/?volcano=KRI Eldey: http://icelandicvolcanoes.is/?volcano=ELD

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